Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Road Trip, Day 5: Goondiwindi to Taroom

I just had a what-day-is-it-and-where-on-earth-am-I moment. I think this is Day 5 and I'm in Taroom, central Queensland. Because I spent most of the drive north from Miles sitting behind an over-sized vehicle that was so wide it made the road trains look anorexic, I'm not entirely sure my location is correct. Still, I'm in a motel where pied currawongs are eyeing off the barbecue area and a chubby Staffie is doing the meet-and-greet with visitors. There are bottle trees and poincianas in the gardens and buildings are made of zincalume, so I'm definitely in Queensland. That much I know.

Nothing much to report on this leg of the journey. Not many caravans on the Leichhardt Highway out of Goondiwindi. This absence might be due to the warning sign on the turn off. It said 8 caravan accidents this year. I'm not sure whether this is too many or too few. The sign was ambivalent.

A few additions to the bird list: Little ravens, little corellas (by the thousands in Goondi), great egret and a pair of brolgas just south of The Gums. And this time I have pictures. Not good ones, but pictures nonetheless.

To Biloela tomorrow.

I think.

View from the rest stop at Miles, central Queensland

Great egret checking out the other visitors at the rest stop

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