Friday, 17 July 2009

Life in a goldfish bowl

In Far North Queensland, the wildlife watches you! What I see when I turn around from my desk.

Curious Lewin's honeyeater

Brush turkey on the scrounge

Wondering why it's no longer the centre of attention

Having a word with the opposition

Female Victoria's riflebird convinced that the carboard box is full of goodies

Am I on Candid Camera?


Duncan said...

Sure beats the view from a window in Footscray!

Snail said...

It's amazing, isn't it? I can't believe this place. The house is small and needs a lot of work, but who cares when there's all this wildlife?


Looks like the riflebird is after your unpublished manuscripts.

Snail said...

Looks like the riflebird is after your unpublished manuscripts.

Out of my cold, dead hands ...

Sherrie Y said...

Almost makes up for dial-up, doesn't it? We have deer in the yard... they just eat the flowers and poop without providing much entertainment. (sigh) It's nice of you to share!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Bronwen,
Vis-a-vis Duncan's comment, what a contrast. It's great going on this journey with you through the blog. Wonderful stuff. Er, has it rained yet?

Dave Coulter said...

A regular menagerie there. Are you sure you're not Dr. Doolittle?

Snail said...

Sherrie, the pademelons are little furry poop machines. Fortunately, they tend to produce dry stuff, so it's not too revolting. Turkeys, otoh. leave splats so big you could use 'em as Rorschach blots!

Gouldiae, we've had a spot of drizzle but that's it. Heard an old feller at Eacham complaining about the lack of rain. Although it's known as the dry season, that distinction doesn't really apply on this part of the Tablelands!

Dave, I have been talking to the animals. I got one (gullible) turkey talking back and the catbirds didn't quite know how to respond to me. But now they've wised up. I address them in English. They ignore me. It's like having toddlers.

Denis Wilson said...

Great to see you settling in, with the neighbours, Bronwen.
When it does rain, I am sure you will be out there following snail trails. The birds will be forgotten.

Snail said...

It's been raining all day, so I'm about to pull on some boots and go for a walk with the spotlight. It usually has to be raining for a few days before the snails emerge, but I'll have a quick look anyway.