Friday, 10 July 2009

Nice paddies

Am suffering from telco rage. You don't want to hear about it. Just never mention the word Telstra within earshot.

So it is nice to come home to the red-legged pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica) mob. A handful of them wander in during the morning and late afternoon to graze on what passes for a lawn here and on the leaves and fruit that fall on the drive way.

I'll write more on this species when the telco rage subsides. Yes, I'm stuck on dial up. But that's only the beginning ...


NanaJude said...

Why should I be the only one that Hellstra ripped off?

And just today, 7 months after the debacle began, I received TWO "Thanks for being a loyal customer" cards.

I live in the Adelaide Hills, not half an hour from the CBD ( driving within the speed limit) and am STILL on dial-up, despite misinformation followed by assurances and then bills for cancelling my application for the bogpuddle when they couldn't deliver.

Don't get ME started either.

Snail said...

Sol skipped town at just the right time!

On a more pleasant note: I am torn between trying to photograph an elusive white-tailed rat (I have to be vewwy, vewwy quiet) and trying to record a lesser sooty owl (which requires me hanging out of the window with my mobile phone held aloft like a modernised Statue of Liberty). Haven't succeeded in either venture but it's keeping me occupied.

Tyto Tony said...

That'd be a mobile using Telstra? Can't get away from the money-grubbing buggers, can we? And guess who'll get much of Rudd's $43b nutso network. Good thing wildlife keeps us at peace with the world.

Snail said...

The wildlife is certainly preserving my sanity! Marvellously entertaining and soothing. Except for the rat. I'll get a photo of it yet.

Denis Wilson said...

Rats, Sol and Telstra - they're all the same to me.
But I love your Paddies. Especially the last one, with the big eyes.
So Cute

mick said...

Love the pademelons - don't love telstra - we could all have a hate session!

NanaJude said...

I am not hassled by Sol.
I don't understand people being angry with him.

He came here to do precisely what he had demonstrated he could do in his home country, by people who needed an "outsider" to do it.

He clearly had no idea of our community / cultural expectations, but those who brought him in certainly did.

He got to do their dirty work, in my opinion, and wears the crap.

I should add though, that I found the individual Telstra workers uniformly polite, while sticking to their scripts.

(I distinguish between politeness and helpfulness ... to have been helpful to ME (as distinct from Telstra and keeping their jobs) they needed to alert me to the slightly different questions I needed to have asked :( )

Gouldiae said...

G'day Bronwen,
What a lovely animal to have in your driveway - top stuff!
Wow, not a happy lot of Telstra customers, are we?

Richard King said...

If you think Telstra is bad with customers, you should see it from the inside! I worked with them for 18 years till I couldn't handle it anymore. Now I work with wildlife, so more more fun!

Lulu Stader said...

Telstra? Pah! You-all want to try BT (British Telecom). I've been on Broadband supposedly now for about 6 years in my 'new' home in the Scottish Highlands (supposedly a priority area so that people like me can work from home here), and the line still doesn't work properly. I have given up all hope that it'll ever change.

But we have a second brood of swallows in our byre, being fed by parents and the occasional first-brood siblings. When the broadband crashed, I just watch the swallows dive-hunt instead...

Snail said...

I've put my computer desk near the bay window. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. On the one hand, I can stare at the wildlife while I'm waiting for pages to load. On the other, I can stare at the wildlife anyway.