Friday, 21 August 2009

A milestone

Some time today, the counter clicked over to 100,000 unique visitors to A Snail's Eye View. Unfortunately, there's no champagne in the house, so I'll have to raise a mug of locally-grown coffee. It's just as good!

So cheers and thank you to everyone who's visited the blog over the past few years. Here's to the next 100,000!



Congratulations! And keep on bloggin'

Snail said...

Thanks! :)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Bronwen'That is an impressive statistic.
Well done.
Nice Python by the way.

Snail said...

I hadn't looked at the counter for a while, so was delighted when I checked it today.

The next snake on my 'to see' list is a scrub/amethystine python. Mind you, I'd be happy to spot one of those from a distance.

Dave Coulter said...

Way to go! Your blog is a lot of fun to read. Keep up the good work :)

John said...

Congrats on the milestone!

Snail said...

Thanks, all.

Summer is coming in, so lots more to blog about. And satellite broadband is looming on the horizon. (Or what passes for a horizon here.)

NanaJude said...

What a terrific achievement, Helix ... and it IS great fun to read.

Thanks for all the pleasure and education.
jj(as in just judith)

Tyto Tony said...

Had big Amethyst quietly up in a Tyto pandanus for 3 1/2 weeks. It didn't leave forwarding address. Ditto with Carpet tightly coiled in hollow pandanus stem for 4 days.

neomyrtus said...

"The next snake on my 'to see' list is a scrub/amethystine python. Mind you, I'd be happy to spot one of those from a distance."

I found that the best way to see pythons was to radio collar rat or tree kangaroos and than follow those. Inevitably you end up tracking a python :D

and - congrats on that milestone

Susan said...

Congrats, comrade! I really enjoy your tales from the tropics and love the animal/bird pics. Much better than the animals I hae to deal with.

Snail said...

jj, I'm glad you're enjoying the adventure. I do need to write some more substantial posts but I'm still having fun just taking pics of the wildlife in the garden.

Tony, they're both lovely snakes! At JCU, a python took up residence behind the air conditioner at the staff cafe. It eventually got its marching (slithering?) orders, but only because it was really quite a big one.

Neo, I'm expecting some of the paddies to disappear as the temperature rises, and not because they're going on hols.

Sue, it's the difference between Born Free and The Island of Dr Moreau.