Friday, 7 August 2009

Several sarus seen

Yes, I saw sarus. And managed to get a photo of them while I was stuck at road works. True to form, the best view was at a spot where I couldn't stop, but I'm not complaining. (Photo taken with a 400mm lens and cropped. They were quite a distance away.)

They are very similar to endemic brolgas. The most obvious difference is the development of the red coloration, which extends onto the nape and upper neck in sarus but is a only skull cap in brolgas. At this time of year, you can see both species on the Atherton Tablelands. For anyone interested, the general location is shown in the map below.


Dave Coulter said...

Ooooh...lucky you!

Snail said...

I've seen a few around but this was the first time I had a chance to point a camera at them. (I only put the camera and binos in the car at the last moment.)

They almost always feed where there's no place to pull over. They do it deliberately, I'm sure.