Friday, 7 August 2009

Telco update

Because you want to know, I can tell.

No broadband for me!

I called Telstra (yet again) today and finally managed to speak to someone who investigated the situation. The problem is a loading coil on the line. So, no ADSL, no cable and no wireless. Just dial up.

Thanks to Neil at BigPond to whom I spoke today and who bothered to chase it up rather than tell me I should be 'more proactive' as another consultant did or fob me off with a load of tosh. And thanks also to Jase at BigPondTeam who tweeted me after reading my post hoping to come up with a solution. A third round of thanks goes to PaulS at Scribbly, who gave me the lowdown on loading coils.

Bugger! There, I think that covers it.


Dave Coulter said...

And you keep your sanity? :)

Snail said...

Barely! There's still another issue with a $900 overcharge on a bill.

I think the people at the post office will be grateful the modem issue has been resolved. No more peering through the letter boxes!

Kirk said...

I've had the experience of being told my house doesn't exist. The post office doesn't even know where it is,(and it's a small town). Nothing like getting the dead cod look from people. Remarkably I did get DSL, though it bogs down, and then there's the time we just get cut off from the outside world altogether...

Snail said...

I suppose it's the trade off for living in a rural area, but honestly ... they could have saved everyone (ie me) the bother by just providing the correct information in the first place.

I may be forced to enquire about satellite broadband, although I think it won't be feasile here.

Back to semaphore and sending notes in pademelon pouches.

Anonymous said...

Just dropped in to say happy landings.
The whirlpool forum could save you research time if you want to consider satellite with the regional broadband subsidy.

I am on dialup and manage ok with a session or two a week on someone else's connection - cached and trawled through at home.

The NoScript extension can really help with dialup if you set the options to block plugin content, so you only actually download what you want to see - - with a lot speedier page loads as a consequence.

An insurance claim will generally be welcomed by most removalists.
Mistakes happen :-)

Good luck for the rest of it all.


Snail said...

Hi d

I've just made an enquiry about satellite broadband. (Not through Telstra.) I'm concerned about line of sight (not much sky) and cloud cover (lots), but presumably they will be able to advise.

I have NoScript enabled but pics are still a problem. And all the graphics files I get sent are his res and bloody huge. And it's an inconvenience, of course, not being able to use the phone while on the internet. Plugging. Unplugging. *Sigh* It's still quicker than the postal service, I suppose. (Just.)

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
D has offered the suggestion I was going to make - Satellite courtesy of the rural subsidy.
Cannot help beyond that thought.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, don't cart - horse yet. The isp will have your answers.

LNBs and modems are far more robust than to be put off by a few drops of water. One of the daughters has a 2-way satellite setup here - SW - which is more often cloudy than clear in winter, and hasn't reported much down time; the big blocker is very heavy rain - - and even then I understand that a bigger diameter dish can cope with all but the worst storms. Not that you'd want to be online in a storm anyway.
And don't forget that you won't be online all the hours of the day. And nor does your annual 2m fall only when you want to be online?
Anyway, the provider will have best knowledge of all that.
The main difference with satellite net is that latency is much bigger.
This would have implications for things such as VoIP, if you want to see what advice you can get from the sat net provider there at the same time.
Data throughput runs averagely between 1 and 4Mb/s, once it's started, so your large file downloads will be well looked after by sat. But as I say, don't expect speedy upload, and latency is clunky.

Make a list of what you expect from a bored band connection and see what the provider's answers are.

Anonymous said...

And re dialup net being faster than the terrestrial postal service, have a read of the sneakernet entry in Wikipedia

The point being that if a connection is battling latency barriers, then mailing a big file could conceivably be quicker than uploading/downloading it via dialup.
I trained most of my net correspondents to send me files in the post rather than over dialup.
The latency of sneakernet is indeed enormous, but the throughput is blindingly fast :-))
Good luck with it all.

Lulu Stader said...

Sorry guys, I know this is a serious matter, but I did have to giggle at the 'bored band' by D above...

Snail said...

D, am not so worried about VoIP, because I'll hold onto my landline for phone calls. Have had a look at the charges for rural satellite broadband and, once you escape Telstra's clutches, they are more reasonable. This area is (purportedly) in a spot beam, so I should be able to get a good speed --- as long as I can locate the bleedin' satellite.

Lulu, D is good for that sort of thing! He and Molecular JJ have both been very, very helpful with all this tekkernological stuff. And they're dab hands at the quips!

BTW, a new person from Telstra has emailed me to explain that if I'm using Next G I'm not connected to the exchange so can't get ADSL. Well, yes. Thank you for that, Captain Obvious.

Snail said...

Oh, for goodness sake, now they've sent me an email telling me how I can check if ADSL is available at my place.

Noooooooooo!!!! Stop this carousel, I want to get off.

NanaJude said...


Hang in there .. this is more entertaining than the Chaser and Godwin Grech put together ... it _even_ rivals Peak Warming Man :D

You go girl!


Snail said...

I've got the Benny Hill theme playing in my mind ...

I think the Telstra carousel has finally ground to a halt. I'm a bit dizzy, but I'm sure that will pass.

Still on dial up for the next few weeks, at least, while a non-Telstra provider investigates the possibilities of satellite broadband.

To be fair, if this is the most frustrating thing about living here, I ain't got much to complain about!

Snail said...

But note that I reserve the right to complain so I can wring some humour out of any given situation.

Denis Wilson said...

Well, Snail, you are providing an entertainment service to the bloggersphere!
Seriously, I hope you get it sported soon.
I know what it is like to be on the end of very long and very thin piece of copper wire.

Snail said...

It'll be sorted, one way or another!

Now, wish me luck, because I've got to deal with Queensland Transport next week.

Sherryl said...

I know someone in Deep Creek (Victoria near Romsey but whose landline wouldn't even work well enough for her dial-up to be reliable) - anyway, with the rural subsidy they got onto satellite and she is pretty happy.
Hope you find enough sky to make it work.
At least while you are shouting at Telstra people the leeches are less ... obnoxious by comparison?
(and strangely, my word verification was something to do with cussing...)

Snail said...

A friend who lives about half a km down the road says that satellite works at her place, so that's a good sign. Mind you, she has a two storey place, so I don't know if that makes a difference. I suppose we'll see!