Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Spotted monitor spotted and monitored

While scanning the quandong for fruit-eating birds (so far only wompoo pigeons and figbirds but it's early days yet), I noticed this fellow. The spotted tree monitor (Varanus scalaris) isn't known for its love of fruit, but it does have a great fondness for eggs and nestlings. Doesn't mind a spot of sunbathing, either. Wonder what the view is like from there?


Denis Wilson said...

Dear Monitor-Lizard
My what nice gripping toes you have - for climbing all the way up there! And what lovely long tail.
But do you have a mouth full of birdie eggs?

Snail said...

Those toes are something else, aren't they?

I was very surprised to see the lizard that far up a tree. Not sure why, because it is, after all, a tree monitor!

sarala said...

You have so many wonderful wildlife encounters. I do so have to move to Australia!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Bronwen,
You sure have some variety in your garden. Lovely looking beast. Loved the heading too.

Neomyrtus said...

"Wonder what the view is like from there?"

I can lend you some vertical ascent gear if you like. You'd have to tie your own chest harness and provide your own rope, but the seat harness if comfy enough for extended periods of hanging around.

It would make for an exciting snails eye view ;D

Nice Varanus BTW..

Snail said...

I'm just amazed at the diversity. I've taken most of these photos through the living room window.

Neomyrtus, you wouldn't get me up a tree for love or money!