Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The stalking duck

Water levels are down at Hastie's Swamp. The hardheads have flown off to look for deeper water, but the plumed whistling ducks are staying put. A few of the magpie geese, which are common in the lily-padded waters at the far end of the swamp, have joined them. (A large number of magpie geese visit Gallo's Dairy Farm each day, where they mingle with the black and white Friesian cows, like trans-species Mini Mes.) Royal spoonbills, little black cormorants, pelicans and darters are also present in modest numbers.

And the Australasian grebes ... Yes, they're still around. But they're not trying anymore. One grebe couldn't even be bothered to dive when I raised the camera. It just stuck its in the water. Come on, grebes, make an effort.

Perhaps the grebes have something else on their minds? This one had attracted the attention of a whistling duck. The duck was following so closely that I thought I'd made a mistake on the identification and the grebe was really a duckling. Maybe the duck had made the same mistake? Or perhaps it had a ducky crush.


mick said...

Wow! That's a huge number of waterfowl packed into a very small space. Down here that's the way I see shorebirds - but never ducks etc.

Snail said...

The whistling ducks,like magpie geese, are very sociable. Also very noisy!

I was hoping for more shorebirds, but the only waders were black-winged stilts. I suppose we are a fair way from the shore.