Friday, 30 October 2009

Normal service resumes

I'd like to say that I've been away having a wild and exciting time, but it wouldn't be true. Mostly, I've been doing ... well ... not much. Oh, I drove to Melbourne and back. (It's 3,150 km from my old place in Footscray to this new place on the Atherton Tablelands.) But, apart from that, not much.

The satellite people tell me that they'll be installing the dish on Monday morning at 7.30 am. It's not going on the roof, but at the edge of the forest, about 20 m from the house. If all goes well, I'll have broadband access by Monday arvo. First thing I'll do is catch up on all my favourite blogs (you know who you are), which I haven't been visiting as frequently as I'd like because the dial up service seems to have been modelled on the University of Queensland's pitch drop experiment.

If Monday's installation passes without a hitch, I won't mention the internet service again. I promise.

Gratuitous cuteness


Kirk said...

Great horny toads they move slow! I thought by now you would have been all wired and cruising the internets. But go ahead and gripe, we're your friends, we will listen to your complaints, nod sympathetically , give you support, mock you, er I mean be ,well we will mock you only a little. OK?

Sherrie Y said...

Gratuitous cuteness masking plotting little mind, no doubt.

Tell the installation team that there are people buried under snow in That Other Hemisphere who are desperate for word from warmer climes. Sanities, I tell you, SANITIES depend on the expeditious and efficient application of equipment and word (grumbling or not) from the snail shell.

Lulu Stader said...

Good to have you back, Snail!

Sophie said...

I fear that, once installed, the mighty dish will get the gratuitous cuteness stare treatment, and will instantly melt.
I wonder how you keep your integrity and not dissolve slowly while saying 'cuuuute'. I know I would.

mick said...

Good luck with the satellite installation! We await the next installment in the saga!

Dave Coulter said...

Good luck with all of that :)

Neil said...

Good luck and welcome back.

Tyto Tony said...

Looking forward to coming e-dish-ins!

Snail said...

Hello, everyone. I'm glad to be back!

Kirk, I thought you were going to break into that well-known Queen song, 'We will mock you'.

Sherrie, I'll try that line on the installers. But only after they've fitted the dish, cos I think they have to dig the cable trench by hand and wil a) be in a foul mood and b) carrying mattocks and spades.

Sophie, their cuteness is offset by their tendency to poop everywhere. Usually in the carport, on the patio and front step.

Tony, that was wonderfully appalling.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Snail,
Hooray - couple of us down south here were wondering!
Fingers x-ed for Monday.

Snail said...

Gouldiae, Monday's here and so is the satellite dish. Woo hoo!