Thursday, 7 January 2010


Happy new year! Okay, I'm late with the greetings, but that doesn't make them any less heartfelt.

Have been busy lately, but am trying to impose some order on my days. Time management, a tidy desk, that sort of thing. I need to draw up a timetable, but I think I'd end up like Red Dwarf's Arnie Rimmer when he was revising for the engineering exam.

Lister, where's my revision timetable?

Sir, it's Saturday night!

Come on, no one works Saturday night.

You don't work any night. You don't work any day.

'Skive hard, play hard'. That's our motto!

Look, I've got my engineering re-sit on Monday. I don't know anything. Where's my revision timetable?

Wait, is this the thing in all different colours, with all the subjects divided into study periods and rest periods and self-testing times?

It took me seven weeks to make it. I've got to cram my whole revision into one night.

Hang on, this the thing with a note on it, in red, said, "Vital, valuable, urgent! Do not touch on pain of death!"?


I threw it away.

Will get back to proper blogging soon. In the meantime, here's a pic of Crinkle Cut's joey, which recently left the pouch. The young 'un is very lively. Crinkle Cut parks it in the scrub while she feeds on the lawn, but sometimes the joey can't resist checking out mum's dinner. No name yet.


desertnutmeg said...

Hey! There's your cyber face again! I wish you luck with your organizing (keeping it in an action verb form).
Didn't i see you just put out a book (pre-xmas)-if so, CONGRATS!
Love the joey and eagerly awaiting the naming ceremony.
Maybe, in your infinite leisure time, you should put up a poll/contest here to name the new kid on the block. :0 lol!
wow..seriously, wow... i was going to nominate poncy/poncey and now when i go to post the comment, my security word is ponscro.
doo-doo-doo-doo. . . .

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
Wow, hate my security code this morning - DIEDFUL. I kid you not.
Perhaps I ought love it - after all, if one aims to live a full life, then one ought die full, eh?.
Anyway, Happy New Year to you.
Lousy excuse for a slow start to the year - revision timetable?
What's revision?
What's "timetable"?
What's "time management"?
You should follow the example of the Pademelons.
They neither search for lost timetables, nor worry about them. They just "are".
Joey could be "cutie" but maybe it will grow up to be big and ugly and scarred. But until then, its cute.
Do they all have white tips to their tails? If not, there's another idea.

Susan said...

Now that's much too cute! Have never actually seen a real live kangaroo...lucky you!

NanaJude said...

Hello to the little one and to you and your blogging friends as well ... Greetings for the New Year from my new satellite connection

Snail said...

Thanks for the congrats, Desertnutmeg. The book came out a bit earlier in the year, but I was too shy to put up a permanent link until recently.

Not sure what's happening with the security word. I'm beginning to think that there's some ESP at play. Have the Feds installed the filter yet?

Denis, they all have white tips to the tails, although to varying degrees. The joey's mum doesn't have much, but Red, one of the two young males here, does have quite a lot of white. I'm wondering whether he's the joey's pa.

Susan, the best thing is that they're bonsai kangaroos. Given the amount of poo they produce, their small size is a blessing!

Nana Jude, looks like the satellite dish is working well. I hope you're enjoying it.