Friday, 21 May 2010

Cute as a button

Reassuring note to button-phobics: There are no buttons in this post.

Mum and daughter pademelons catching the sun.
These two are regular visitors to the garden.

Daughter poses for the camera while mum snoozes.

This mum and joey combo have just turned up on my property.
A timid pair, they have found a spot at the far edge of the garden to their liking. They're welcome to stay as long as they like. (Because of their caution, I had to take these photos through the windows, which need a good clean. As you can probably tell.)

Dad keeps out of the way.


Bernie said...

Fabulous photos ... I've never been lucky enough to see them in their natural habitat, so I've enjoyed your photos immensely!

desertnutmeg said...

Windows look fine to me! Great photos- thank you so much for sharing their charm. I hope the new family stays [nice and safe] at your place for a good long while.
Have a great weekend!

NanaJude said...

I've been missing your blog .... but if being quiet has encouraged these two to move, then I fully understand.

May they have a long and congenial stay.

MolecularJJ said...

How nice of you to consider the sufferers of koumpounophobia.

Nice shots!

mick said...

Great photos and they are all so very cute. I don't think I'd be getting much work done if they were always just outside my windows!

neomyrtus said...

Charasmatic mammalian cuteness .. overload..



*brane asplodes!*

Nice pics, Helix.

Snail said...

Bernie, seven paddies visit the block regularly, plus these two new ones. Some days it's difficult to avoid them!

Snail said...

Meggs, I hope they keep away from the cars and the dogs. One of the big males had a strip of skin torn off the base of his tail yesterday. Not sure if that was after a fight with another paddie or if he was attacked by a dog. :(

Snail said...

NanaJude, they're welcome to stay as long as they like!

Snail said...

Molecular JJ, you know that's the kind of person I am!

Snail said...

Mick, you're onto me! I actually get very little done during the day. I have to work at night because it's quieter and I can't see anything outside. (Unless I turn the lights on and watch the possums eat the cherry guavas, of course.)

Snail said...

Neomyrtus, they are appallingly cute. The only thing cuter around here is a baby possum. Rest assured, when a new one appears, I'll be taking its mugshot.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
I am a sucker for Cute, too!
Marsupials do cute very well.

Snail said...

This lot of very lovable.

Even the possum that managed to scale the aluminium window frame this evening was pretty darned cute, despite the sound of claws on metal!

Russell Constable said...

Great shots snail. Can never have too many pademelon photos on your site as far as I'm concerned!

Snail said...

Those two newbies (mother and joey) continue to be mega cute!