Monday, 4 October 2010

Six weeks!

Sorry. Just realised it's been six weeks since I last updated you on the happenings at the Snail Shell.

And, after checking my diary, I see that those happenings add up to not very much. I could invent something, but ... well ... this isn't exactly a wild and crazy place.

The only thing of note is that I'm sending my camera gear off for spring cleaning. The good lenses are away at the moment. When they come back, I'll get the SLR camera sorted. Probably the point and shoot camera and binoculars too. This means that I'll be dipping into my reserve of pics for blog posts. Fortunately, I've got one or two photos up my sleeve. (Yes, it's still cool enough in the evenings to wear sleeved shirts and jumpers. And they're a perfect place to store digital images.)

So, here's one I prepared earlier. The 'carport' python taking an evening slither around the house. Ain't it a handsome creature?


mick said...

Well I'm glad it's slithering around your carport! I don't think I could ever get used to them up close like that.

Snail said...

As long as I know where it is, I'm not too worried. I don't think I'd like to step on it!

Bernie said...

Sometimes, they can be regarded as rather handsome. I think it depends on just how long they are ... we once saw one here that was over 5 metres long. That is the longest snake I've ever seen in real life and the sight of it made me jump! It took a long, long time to move away!!!!

Snail said...

Oh my! Five metres is an enormous snake! This one was only 2.7 m, which is big enough for me.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail
Lovely to have you back to Blogging.
I am still impressed with your earlier snake image, of it crawling down from the roof.

Snail said...

Thanks, Denis :)

I was delighted when the snake not only found the ladder, but also climbed down it in such a photogenic fashion!

Sherryl said...

Beautiful. Would love to give it a cuddle! Or at least a pat.
Guess you can tell I really like snakes!

Snail said...

At 2.7m, he's big enough to give you a cuddle right back!

I've seen four species of snakes around here. I'm sure there must be more.

Red Nomad OZ said...

It's amazing what you get used to - had a python in the ceiling when I lived in PNG! Could hear it slithering around, which freaked me out a bit at first, but just got used to it! Also got used to having no rats/mice around the house!!

Happy travels!

Dave Coulter said...

(I use that word a lot at your blog)