Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Possums and pademelons poo prolifically. So do tree roos, but they don't start with P. (Unlike possums, which begin their evenings with pints of pee.) (But I digress.)

Following in the (careful) footsteps of Forest Walk Art and Calling Ravens, I've collected and photographed some scats from the garden. They're now forming a petite poo pyramid . I'm sure the flies and dung beetles will be beside themselves with glee.

Top left: Lumholtz's tree kangaroo. 
Bottom left: Red-legged pademelon. 
Right: Coppery brush-tailed possum.

Tree roo poo

Pademelon poo

Possum poo

There'll be a test on this later.


Thomas said...

However, Tree Roo Poo is fun to say.

Snail said...

It'd make a good incantation!

Magda said...

I'm fully smiling Snail... it is so wonderful to be in the company of Folk who notice poo, scat, excrement... and the various other titles adorning fertilizing waste matter that leaves a body.

Living with Critters Poo is a matter of daily observation, becomes a way of life.
Daily clean-ups is the best time to notice if all is well, but, even during times of exchanging endearments includes noticing if all has been or is evacuating comfortably and healthily.

It's all a bit whiffy, but even the part assailing one's dear nose indicates how things are or might be heading.

Now that felt good to express. I don't often have the opportunity. Thanks for the outlet... umm... that sounds a bit like a pun!

Glad Forestwalkart Laura will have the chance to see the Aussie Possum Poo I attempted to describe to her. Laura's Florida Opossum's Poos are different in shape and size.

How's your cheeky, rather forward little Possum doing Snail?
My little residential Brush-tailed Possum isn't feeling too well I've noticed. Can't see any injuries, when as up-close as I'm able to venture... its little face seems elderly. Plus is not venturing up Trees, just moving about at ground level and snuggling amid the overgrowth. Its movements are a bit slow too, and appears to nod off inbetween snacking on the grain I leave out as a placatory offering for the Bandicoots to stop stealing during the night. Sort of is working... thieving has lessened.
I've begun leaving out some fruit for the Possum, which it is eating.
Any advice would be welcomed.

Good wishes Snail.
I do enjoy your Posts... you write with a jester's flair even in your Comment responses, and your photos always educational. from Magda in Australia

biobabbler said...

phew. I saw the ruler and thought inches, and then WOW, that's some big poop. Re-read. Oh, phew. =)

Calling Ravens said...

LOL -how do you make that bigger!
Oh thank you for the great laugh Snail and also biobabbler. If that had been inches, I think Snail would have a lot more to worry about with that possum that's trying to move in! LOL!!!
You guys are great!

Permapoesis said...

craps, scats and animal fats!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Snail.
I received a very fine Wombat Poo carefully positioned beside my driveway entrance, on a mound of soil.
Perfect Territorial marker.
I have posted it on my Blog tonight.

forestwalk/laura k said...

this was great!! now...if i EVER get to your land...which i seriously doubt...i will know who's poo i'm treading on...or at least trying to avoid! those are some pretty prolific poo-ers!!

(i hate to admit it...but whenever i see a pile 'o poo...i take a picture for further identification...)

thanks for sharing your garden scat!