Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's true that there's nothing quite like taking a nap in the sun... 

...when you're certain that you won't end up as dinner. 

Well, not as a human's dinner. 


mick said...

haha! that bird must really think it owns your place!

Snail said...

I'm beginning to think he does own the place!

This is Harry (named after the Speaker, Harry Jenkins). He spends most of his time evicting other turkeys from the garden. And lying around in the sun. Lots of lying around in the sun.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

hahahahahaaaaa!!!!! that's hysterical!!!

(gorgeous turkey by the way...uh...i mean...Harry!) i hope nobody makes him their dinner!!

gobble gobble!

Calling Ravens said...

LOL! No, really, LOL!

Gouldiae said...

G'day Snail,
Great picture story and enjoyed your reply to Mick. I reckon Harry is 'thanksgiving' for living at your place - they know, you know.

Flabmeister said...

Great photo! Has Harry changed his demeanour since his namesake has returned to the main flock?


Snail said...

Martin, oddly enough he has become noticeably less aggro in the past couple of weeks, but that could be down to having fewer rivals to chase away. Now that it's raining and there's plenty of food around, the turkeys have dispersed.