Saturday, 14 January 2012

After dark

This is what happens here after dark.

This is a coppery brushtail possum trying to find a way into the kitchen. This possum had already attempted to gain entry through the door, after which it turned its attention to the window.

It was standing on the window sill and holding onto the frame to stop itself sliding off. Completely unaware that I was only a metre away with a camera*, the possum continued to explore the screen, looking for a point of weakness.

Then it noticed me. And got such a surprise that it fell backwards off the window sill. The last I saw of it, the possum was scampering towards the trees. I expect it's currently blogging about its close encounter in the little grey cottage in the rainforest.


*1250 ISO, no flash, hence the lack of crispness in the image. That and the dirt on the glass. Why, yes, I am ashamed at the condition of the windows. (The photo has been shot through two panes.) All the others are sparkling, but I lost interest when I got to these. I am thinking about cleaning them. I might even go so far as actually cleaning them.


Anonymous said...

I'm very fond of those Coppery Brushtails but we don't see them down here in the lowlands. Most entertaining!

Snail said...

They are very cute. The local mob come in a range of colours. One of the adult females is an intense copper, while another one is a deep chocolate brown. Really quite striking.

Boobook said...

I'm thinking my ironing pile would look good next to your windows.

Russell said...

What a cutie. You've got to love them. Doesn't this show the beauty of digital photography. Impossible in the days of film.

Snail said...

Ironing! Nooooooo! I'm happy to say I did away with most of the ironable stuff when I moved north, but the rest is still 'orrible.

Snail said...

Russell, yes x 100! I was a late adopter of digital and now wonder why it took me so long.