Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 22 Jan 2012

Only a short post today, because I must focus on some projects that are close to completion. Is that light ahead: a) the end of the tunnel; b) an oncoming train; or c) an optical phenomenon caused by decreased oxygen supply to the retina? I suppose I will find out soon enough.

In order to move things along, I am working on two computers. Only one is connected to the internet. Time spent at the other computer is the most productive. No, I can’t explain it either. I guess it is something to do with ley lines and the Earth’s magnetic field.

- o O o -

Little Poss must have been at the red cordial last night. He clambered up and down the flyscreen for hours, pausing occasionally to peer at me and resuming when I did not pay attention. He eventually gave up and ran up and down the roof instead. When I went out into the garden that evening, I saw that he had peed on the step. Possums, as I have mentioned before, are half fur and half bladder, so I had to get out the hose. I suppose he was marking his territory. Or making a point.

Tonight, I am going to make a point by taking away the broom. Let’s see how he manages to get down from the window sill without his ‘ladder’.

- o O o -

The cattle across the river are making a racket. It sounds as though the farmer’s given up on the Holsteins and replaced them with a herd of mid-sized dinosaurs. That will be a talking point at the dairy factory tomorrow.

- o O o -

The big quandong is covered in so many white flowers that it looks like a wedding cake. No wonder the lorikeets and honeyeaters don’t feel the need to visit the smaller tree next to the house. But that’s okay, because the blossoms are beautiful enough on their own. Brightly-coloured birds would just be icing on be too much.


laurak@forestwalkart said...

ok, i had to go look it up. so if it's covered with flowers right now...they look like beautiful little bell flowers...then pretty soon it;'ll be covered with the fruits! they look like mini pomegranates!

i wonder if i'm part possum...not because i 'mark my territory'...that only happens if we happen to be out on a the middle of the woods...and there's no 'flusher'...THEN i leave my DNA. BUT the reason i say i'm part possum is because sometimes it feels as though my bladder is too small...never mind...

happy sunday...OH, your sunday is almost over....have a good night...

Snail said...

I've got some photos of flowers and fruit to go up this week. The fruit are the most amazing, almost iridescent blue colour with green flesh. Wompoo pigeons and bowerbirds swallow them whole.

I dunno about too small. After yesterday's bucketful I wish Little Poss's bladder was a bit smaller!

Yes, only another hour and 20 mins to go before Monday. I hope your Sunday is good!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

i just love the names of all the plants and critters you have over there...or should i say down under there...

ok...about the possum bladder. now i get it. i'm slow this morn. they PEE A LOT! i thought you meant they pee often! well...maybe they do both!?

Snail said...

They are fur-covered pee hydrants!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

hahahhaaaaa!!!!! great image!!!