Thursday, 9 February 2012

Glam moth

[Update: I've swapped the original pics for some larger ones.]

This moth visited my window a few days ago and I regret not nipping into the garden to take a photo from the other side. I think it is a metalmark moth (family Choreutidae), possibly belonging to the genus Saptha. It really is worth clicking on the images to get the Mothra-sized versions.

Between 15 and 20 species of metalmark moths are known from Australia. They are diurnal (mostly), often flying in bright sunshine. Tropical Queensland is not short on glamorous day-flying moths — the zodiac moth (Alcides metaurus) is a stunner — but this little insect also has charisma. Little is known of their lifecycles, but it is thought that caterpillars of the rainforest species feed on figs. The plant hosts of southern metalmark moths include native everlasting daisies and a number of introduced weeds.

I haven't seen any since I took these photos. Perhaps I should hang a glitter ball from the eaves and get an LED dance floor to encourage them to drop by.


Crash said...

yeh, okay - that's just about the most awesome moth I've ever seen ... cheers for the post ...

I'm becoming quite the regular here - nice work.


Snail said...

I was impressed by it!