Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 5 February 2012

Sometimes I feel guilty chuckling at Little Poss when he falls off the window sill. But I get over it. I am sure he will have the last laugh when he finally breaks in and ransacks the kitchen while I'm away. All that scrambling up and down the flyscreen is reconnaissance for the main operation.

He was sitting on top of the upturned broom last night, doing his death stare into the garden. Although it is quite difficult to distinguish his death stare from his winsome expression from his normal face, he was definitely perturbed about something. I followed his line of sight to a furry smudge in the gloom. Little Poss, terroriser of wildlife, was upset by Pip, bane of brush turkeys. I think he must have realised that she could not see him — pademelons have poor eyesight —so he climbed down the broom and (sigh) peed on the patio. I wish they’d take their disputes elsewhere.

- o O o -

When I go into the carport on rainy nights, I have to remember to look up. Leeches — often very big ones — crawl up to the ceiling, where they wait to drop on warm-blooded prey. In the Wet Season, the carport is like an Aliens theme park. Fortunately, leeches are easily thwarted by not walking directly underneath them. Also, there are no service ducts running between the carport and the house, which restricts their activities. Still, I have been known to amuse myself by doing Bill Paxton impersonations. Little Poss is not impressed. He does not recognise talent.

- o O o -

Someone has plonked a tent and a couple of cattle on a cleared block up the road. I like to think that the someone is a retired drover who is trying to recreate his former life on a very tight budget. Or school kids doing a low cost version of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia. If Bowen can pass for Darwin, then a treeless block on the Atherton Tablelands can pass for Kununurra.

- o O o -

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine is tracking ESE and is no longer affecting the FNQ coast. This is good news* because, once again, I have consumed the best bits out of my cyclone supplies. I really should hide the box under a stack of paperwork or my ‘to do’ list, where I will never find it. Or buy baked beans and hard tack.


* Although not for New Caledonia and Vanuatu.


laurak@forestwalkart said...

you're funny.

as i sit here...reading your jottings...smiling...i am so happy that i don't have peeing possums on my porch and dive bombing leeches hiding in wait for my warm body to walk under them....


Snail said...

You've got all those snakes!