Saturday, 4 February 2012

Stony Creek Frog

Despite a burst of heavy rain yesterday, most of the frogs remain reluctant to emerge from their refuges. The orange-thighed green tree frogs (Litoria xanthomera) are not around, although they might be more active elsewhere. Several of my neighbours have toad-proof water containers that are popular with climbing frogs. I have blocked gutters and a terracotta dish. Not such prime real estate for an arboreal amphibian. I expect they'd be des. res. for those that live where rainfall is less reliable, but our frogs are fussy. They probably don't finish their greens either.

Among the terrestrial species, the striped marsh frogs are calling from under cover but are not moving around much. Stony Creek frogs (Litoria maybe jungguy, maybe wilcoxii, maybe a hybrid) are intermittently active. I've seen a few females around — they visit to pick up insects attracted to the house lights — but have yet to see a male here.(I took the pic below some time last year, I think.)

Stony Creek frog: but which one?

Stony Creek frog taxonomy is a bit of a nightmare, hence my reluctance to slap a scientific name on this animal. I'll blog about it some more tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll be out with the spotlight tonight to see if any more frogs have been encouraged out of hiding by the rain. The leeches certainly have.


Bernie H said...

Very heavy rain here yesterday too. The downpour lasted most of the day and all night. The frog chorus last night was tremendous.

We see a Stony Creek Frog here too, but it's much paler than the one in your photo. Not sure which one it is.

Snail said...

You got a lot more than us, I think. We were safely in the low's NW quadrant, so I think most of it dropped on you and only the leftovers ended up here.

I think around your way the frog would be Litoria wilcoxii, but there's something odd going on with hybrids between that and L. jungguy. I've got the paper from 2004 that looked at this, but I really haven't got a handle on it yet. I've asked my frogger friends if there are any updates.

Bernie H said...

Just had another heavy downpour. The place is just soggy and waterlogged at the moment.

I think you're right about the Stony Creek here. It's probably the wilcoxii. I'd be interested to see what your frogger friends have to say.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

leeches! ugh!

what a pretty little frog!

Snail said...

Bernie, I will interrogate my froggy friends when I see them. I should make a list of Qs.

Snail said...

Leeches are definitely ugh! I always thought that it was unfair that we have all the usual biting, stinging things plus terrestrial leeches.