Saturday, 11 February 2012

Unscheduled day off

I think I need a bit of down time.

I'll be back tomorrow. Until then, here's a photo of the giant plastic weevil —  the very fine giant plastic weevil, I'm sure you'll agree — that proved irresistible to a brush turkey chick. In the background, a brush turkey adult that managed to resist it.


neomyrtus said...

You had me there for a milisecond. "Whoa", I thought "Look at that giant weevil, man.. its bigger than a brush turkey!"

Just for a wee magical nanosecond there I entertained the thought that weevils could get that big and were about to invade North Katterland.

How long did the turkey hold that thought? Please say it was for far longer than I..

Snail said...

The turkey chick that was trying to break through the window to get the weevil kept going for a minute or so. It'd probably still be going if I hadn't frightened it off by chortling.

Denis Wilson said...

anatomically more or less accurate, it seems.
Complete with antennae coming out side of Rostrum I am pleased to see.
Its those details that sucked in the Turkey chick, no doubt.

Snail said...

It is surprisingly detailed. Not sure about the eyes though.

I might put it back in the window and see whether it lures any more turkey chicks.