Monday, 12 March 2012

Leafy feast

On Friday night, one of the turn in the winds (Mallotus) snapped in two. This has happened before. Although the tree stems are remarkably flexible, they eventually succumb to overloading. Last time, the overloading came from a podgy brushtailed possum. I didn't witness Friday's incident, so I don't know if a possum was again responsible, but I have my suspicions.

Turn in the wind leaves are favourite foods of pademelons, so it didn't take long before they gathered to eat the spoils. 

Pademelons are not social animals, but tolerate each other (up to a point) when there is plenty of food around. (There's a second paddie hidden among the leaves.)

Among those visiting were the mother and joey featured in Thursday's post. In these photos, Mum knows that she's on candid camera, but doesn't want to abandon the nosh. The little one is watching Pip, who has been chased away by the adults.

There is a pecking order among pademelons and the smallest ones are always at the bottom of it. Pip took a chance and nibbled a few leaves while the adults were digesting their breakfast.

But don't feel too sorry for her. Does this look like an under-nourished animal?


Crash said...

Great post, fantastic pics - an animal I've never seen! ... cheers B

Snail said...

They're really common up here in the forest, but they get skittled by cars and mauled by dogs (feral and pets), unfortunately.