Friday, 27 July 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 27 July 2012

The tooth-billed bowerbird spends each afternoon eating quandongs. The fruit is not quite ripe and the bowerbird consumes so many that I imagine it spends the following morning lying around somewhere with its wings folded across its bloated tum and wishing it hadn't overdone it. I have yet to see the bird descend from the tree top after feeding. I suspect it just closes its eyes and drops.

- o O o -

Harry the brush turkey is back on form. He has raked up every fallen leaf in the garden and is now kicking them off the roof. Unfortunately, in his enthusiasm, he has dislodged several sections of gutter guard. I have spoken sharply to him about this, but I don't think he cares. He does care about chasing other turkeys, though, so the day is punctuated by terrified interlopers hurtling across the driveway pursued by a grumpy Harry. I've said this before — that bird needs his own soundtrack of 'Yakety Sax'.

- o O o -

Although three of the four coppery brushtail possums are sociable animals, Little Poss refuses to join in with possum society. He is a lone wolf. If a very small, arboreal marsupial-type lone wolf with big round ears and a delightful black mask that makes him look as if he's wearing kohl. Unfortunately for this lone wolf, his younger relative, Mini Poss, loves hanging around with him and will go out of her way to track him down.

The other evening, Little Poss had just occupied his usual musing spot on the window sill, when Mini Poss turned up. She climbed all over him and tried to squeeze under him and crawled over his tail...and he turned to look at me through the window with a expression of sheer desperation. He must have been on baby sitting duty that night. Rather him than me.

Mini Poss loves hanging around with everyone

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