Monday, 9 July 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 9 July 2012

So there I was, wandering along Main Street in Atherton, deep in conversation with a friend I hadn't seen for a couple of years, when I noticed a behatted fellow walking towards us. A man in a hat is not unusual in Atherton. A man in a hat, carrying a shepherd's crook is less common. Man + hat + shepherd's crook + sheepdog is rarer still. But perhaps rarest of all is man + hat + shepherd's crook + sheepdog – sheep + ducks dressed in oilskins and sou'westers. And that was the combination heading towards us.

'Is that normal?' my friend said.

'Welcome to Far North Queensland.'


Thanks to a tip off in the comments, here's the link to an article in the Cairns Post.


Bernie H said...

Fabulous stuff! Expect the unexpected in the tropics!

Terry P said...

Ducks dressed in oilskins? How cute. ;-)

Snail said...

Bernie, it was certainly not something I would have been able to predict!

Terry, both the ducks were in oilskins and wearing little sou'westers. It was...odd.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

...and you left your camera at home.


Snail said...

I wasn't expecting to see a man with a sheepdog and two dapper ducks going for a stroll down Main Street. Well, you don't, do you?

I didn't even have my blasted mobile phone!

I'll have to check the local paper to see if there are any pics/comments/stories.

Anonymous said...

I see the ducks made it into today's Cairns Post.

Snail said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm adding the link.