Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hopping into Spring

At this time of year, when it's dry and warm, the pademelons like to find sunny spots in the garden to spend a quiet hour or two considering the Riemann hypothesis, cogitating on string theory or composing sestinas in the style of Ezra Pound*.

And sometimes they just sit around, soaking up the warmth and introducing the next generation to the joys of doing nothing at all in the sun.

It's Topo Gigio!


* Go on. Prove that they don't.


mick said...

Perfect to come back from a break in blogging with a post as cute as that!

Snail said...

Isn't that joey just the sweetest little thing! There are quite a few paddies in and around the garden at the moment, but only one mum, as far as I can tell.

Sherrie York said...

Oh, great. I have paddy-envy. Again.

Stiletto said...

That joey is simply adorable.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

glad to see you hopping in with spring on your tail!

they are so smart...showing the next generation how to just sit around and do nothing at all in the sun!!

(maybe i was a pandemelon in a past life! no, not really...i can't sit still. maybe i need to earn a thing or two from them!)

CUTE little TG!! haha!!

Neil said...

That joey is so cute.

Snail said...

I really hope these two stay. It's nice to have joeys around.

That second pic is my favourite. Makes me smile every time.

Denis Wilson said...

I missed all the fun of Topo Gigio, until you introduced me to it today.
I love your PaddyJoey.
So cute with the big eyes, and rounded ears.
Love it.
But pray tell me, what's with the "dry and warm"?
You live in a different world from me, and Martin Butterfield.
String Theory, I reckon, by the way. That makes my eyes pop every time I cogitate on it.

Snail said...

Dry and warm is not a common combination here! It has been dry and cold; dry and bleedin' freezing; wet and cold; and --- annoyingly --- wet and slightly warm, lately. The wet and slightly warm is a problem because it means the humidity condenses on any cool surface --- ie. interior walls and floor tiles. (That doesn't happen in summer, curiously enough, because the interior temps and the same as exterior.) Anyway, it means you have to pay attention or you go skating across the kitchen.

Denis Wilson said...

Well, as you will have worked out, 'dry and warm' is rare in the extreme here - but unthinkable in Winter.
"Winter" may be looked up in a dictionary, if you have forgotten its meaning.

Snail said...


It does get cold here, though. As in single figure cold + frost, but not very often.