Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 18 October 2012

Red, the pademelon, has been in a fight. I'm not sure of his adversary. It might have been another pademelon, a dog or a brush turkey. (This last one is not as unlikely as it sounds. I've seen Red and Harry the brush turkey engage in serious interspecies argy-bargy.) Anyway, Red has cuts and puncture wounds on both sides of his head and has been feeling very sorry for himself.



Mind you, he seems to have perked up a bit today. I think he can smell food.


– o – O – o –

Not long to go before the start of cyclone season. The Bureau of Meteorology begins issuing daily cyclone outlook reports on 1 November. The reports keep going through the Wet Season and end on 30 April next year. Fortunately, the Bureau is predicting an average to lower than average number of cyclones this season. That suits me just fine.

I will have to think about cyclone supplies soon. And this time I'm going to buy a fancy tin-opener that doesn't rust and has sharp teeth and a nice wide key so I don't dislocate my fingers trying to get the lid off. And if I can't find a good tin-opener, I will have to train up some white-tailed rats.They can bite right through a baked bean can.


Stiletto said...

I'm glad to see Red well and good. His dark round eyes peering directly at you simply melts hearts. he must be famished.

Snail said...

Isn't he gorgeous?! I'm pretty sure he's getting quite enough food around the rainforest, but he's ever hopeful for some banana or apple.

biobabbler said...

Oh, thank you SO much for putting in the perkier photo. 'Cause otherwise I'd be sad, and worry about some creature on the other side of the planet which I have no ability to aide. =) Cutie pie. I bet he's grateful for a quiet yard where he can rest. Nicely done. =)

Snail said...

I was really worried about him for a couple of days, because he was very listless. I didn't know if the damage was deeper than the cuts on his head.

He does seem to be much livelier now, but I'll still keep an eye on him. He's the last of the 'friendly' pademelons at this place. The others are nomads and are intolerant of people.