Saturday, 13 October 2012


This pademelon — an adult male that I nicknamed Red because a) he is red and b) I have no imagination — has been here since I bought the place in 2009. That's not to suggest that he was written into the contract. Although I reckon that would be an incentive to buy places like this one: house includes all fittings plus at least one marsupial with a strong personality.

He is the most photographed of 'my' pademelons, which could explain why he puts on this expression whenever I bring out the camera.

He might look unamused, but, you know, he didn't move.


waldlaeufer68 said...

that's great to buy a pet the same ..
greetings Frank

Stiletto said...

It's great to have this wild critters visiting, definitely an added bonus.

Snail said...

It's lovely to have them around. This fellow spent the afternoon sleeping by the living room window. half his luck!