Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Turkeys everywhere!

They really are.

Harry thought it would be hilarious to start building a nesting mound on the patio. (Location, location, location.) But his heart wasn't in it and he soon lost interest.

He has similarly lost interest in fighting with the pademelons. Now they all avoid eye contact.

And he no longer chases away other brush turkeys. As a consequence, the garden is awash with large black birds.

As are the trees. Which is odd because I suspect that brush turkeys are afraid of heights. They are not great perchers and usually only fly into trees to roost.

That's quite enough of that!


biobabbler said...

Looking at your turkeys, so similar to, yet different from, ours makes me think we've been hoodwinked. We say turkey, they say vulture. Ground vulture. Ground vulture that eats live things.

I mean, really, check out that bald head!!

Glad all creatures are behaving civilly to one another.

Snail said...

They are so vulturine. The head. The beak. And those claws!

There were five brush turkey hens in the back garden a moment ago. It was too much for Harry. He rushed out of the forest like a thing possessed. Feathers everywhere as they scattered!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

i think turkeys are easily entertained...and they do tend to lose interest quickly...wandering minds...

that last shot looks as though he's dive-bombing toward the ground...splat! i hope not. i hope he picked his head up just before he realized it was not a lake down there!!

Snail said...

They're not really precision fliers!

I've been hit by a turkey during its dodgy take off. Fortunately, I haven't been hit by one doing a landing.


Mr. Smiley said...

His brother-n-law lives at our place and is doing the same thing. Pressure has been taken off our bird-feeder because the neighbours next door feed the turkeys all day. Now they seldom visit. But occasionally they recall better times and pound on the glass on our front door.

Great entertainment.

Island Rambles Blog said...

I love the turkeys, they are much more interesting than is so nice to hear from you snail. our turkeys are so shy, they all fly away if you go near them.cheers. I remember blogging with you years ago and really like your blog, lets keep in touch.

Stewart M said...

These are crazy looking birds - Given the mounds they build I think I'm glad I don't get them in my garden!

Stewart M - Melbourne

Snail said...

Dave, they love tapping on the windows. I tried shutting the screen door, but they've pecked holes in it. Great big holes that inquisitive possums have discovered are just the right size for them to squeeze through!

Snail said...

Nora, Island Rambles is on my Google aggregator. :) These turkeys are anything but shy! I rather like them, although they are not all that popular with some of my more garden-proud neighbours.

Snail said...

Stewart, there's a large mound at the edge of --- and sometimes over --- my driveway. The brush turkeys use it during the dry season and the scrubfowl use it in the wet. On the whole, I prefer the turkeys because the scrubfowl are maniacs. They just don't know when to stop!