Friday, 29 March 2013

Friars tucking in

Now, some might think that friarbirds are ugly; I think they are magnificent. A tree full of friarbirds is like Jurassic Park in miniature. The nice bits. Well, so far...And a mob of big honeyeaters (Meliphagidae) is almost as entertaining as tree full of parrots.

I'm not sure if these are helmeted (or hornbill, if that's now a full species) or silver-crowned friarbirds, so if you have a better idea of the ID, please let me know.

Thanks to nut, who not only identified these birds as helmeted friarbirds, but also provided the diagnostic characters of helmeted and silver-crowned friarbirds. (See comments below.)

These golden pendas are no longer in flower. Yes, it's taken a while to put up this post.


mick said...

Great photos of the Friarbirds. I have noisy Friarbirds down this way and those of yours are so different - very distinctive!

Snail said...

These ones are a bit quieter, which I guess is expected!

They are quite handsome in their own way.

nut said...

Great snaps!

I think they are Helmeted, Philemon buceroides, as apposed to Silver-crowned.


HANZAB: Silver-crowned "distinctly smaller and slimmer... ; casque shorter, taller and more prominent, and more abruptly rounded at rear; bare black facial patch tapers diagnostically to angular point at sides of upper nape (rounded in Helmeted)... "

Snail said...

Good on you, nut! Will have a look at some pics of silver-crowned so I can get the differences fixed in my mind. Thanks.

neomyrtus said...

Instead of exclaiming that they do look a bit on the bald ugly side, I'll state that they look "prehistoric" or "monastic" and congratulate you on the photo-essay.

Snail said...

Thanks, Neomyrtus. They are rather splendid birds. Perhaps even noble and slightly patrician (in the third pic, anyway).

Denis Wilson said...

Am I the only person to be amused by your dreadful Pun in the title?

Snail said...

I think so, Denis. I suspect everyone else was appalled! :)