Monday, 4 March 2013

Parrots in the penda

The good news is that the rainbow lorikeets have found the golden penda. The even better news is that only a few of them have found it, so the tree closest to the office window isn't covered in a shrieking, frantic, multi-coloured mass all day.

It has been raining intermittently, which many of us are hoping indicates the (horribly delayed) start of the monsoon. But we've been down this path before. If it keeps going like this for a month, I might accept that the monsoon has finally arrived. Until then, it's just a bit of precipitation.


The lorikeets don't seem to be put off by the rain and will take advantage of a light shower.

And the juveniles don't much care for anything except a free meal. This youngster climbed over and through huge clusters of penda flowers to cadge some nosh from a parent.

And appeared to be quite miffed when left to fend for itself.

When it begs, that one youngster is almost as loud as a whole flock of lorikeets. No wonder its parents scarper at the first opportunity.


Bernie H said...

Rainbow Lorikeets are just the most magnificent birds, aside from the almighty din when there's a flock of them. Great photos!

What a fabulous Golden Penda tree you have! It looks fantastic!

We're still waiting on the monsoonal downpours down here too. It all seems to be veering off further south.

Snail said...


There are a few pendas here, but that one is right in front of the window.

It's been a woeful Wet. I just had a look at the BoM radar and there's a weak low sitting E of about Ingham at the moment. I guess it's the one that BoM suggest will move E and perhaps deepen over the Coral Sea. We got about 20 mm of rain from it today, but it's just not enough.

Ladybug said...

Beautiful birds! I think the young of any species of bird eventually reach that highly irritating stage when all they can think - and proclaim LOUDLY - is FEED ME! Most bird parents seem to handle it far better than many human parents would, for sure...

Snail said...

I can't imagine what it'd be like to have to deal with a whole clutch of hungry lorikeets! :)