Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Jottings from the Tropics: 2 July, 2013

I've been experiencing problems commenting on some blogs for a while now. I type in hilarious and informative comments (trust me, they're brilliant), but they disappear into the aether. (This is not the same as the situation where I type in hilarious and informative comments, but they are transformed into disappointingly dull ones after I press submit. That's an entirely different problem.) Anyway, I do read a lot of blogs, but my comments ain't going through. Sorry. I'm blaming Google.

— o O o —

The snake has gone. It wasn't a real snake, but a rubber one that I put on the roof of my car to scare away a white-browed scrubwren. I didn't want to scare it out of the garden — scrubwrens are cute little birds and fantastic insect-hunters — I just wanted to scare it away from my car.

One of the scrubwrens had taken to attacking its identical twin in the passenger wing mirror. The one in the driver's side mirror is fine, apparently. That one can stay as long as it likes. But the passenger side...well...the presence of the passenger side scrubwren is an affront to avian dignity.

Consequently, that car door is painted in streaks, whereas the back of the car is speckled with white blots. If this were on canvas, you might mistake it for a Jackson Poollock. (And I should be ashamed of that pun, but I'm not.) 

And now I'm wondering where the snake has gone. I suspect that somewhere, a kookaburra is getting battered in the face by a snake that not only won't die when it's smacked against a fence post, but also fights back.


mick said...

I've missed your blogs over the last couple of months - so welcome back!
what I want to know is - what are you now planning with which to deter that little bird?

NanaJude said...

May I recommend Bon Ami on the mirror (and welcome back x2 :))

Snail said...

The mirror's fine. It's the duco that needs to be cleaned! I'm using water and elbow grease on it and that works well. (Although it is a pain.)

Stiletto ElsieXie said...

I can't imagine how such a small bird can make this much mess on your car.

Denis Wilson said...

Simple deterrent is a spare sock to pull over the mirror when not in use.
It merely requires you to (A) remember to put it on>:
B) to remember to remove it;
and an extra few metres walking to and from the car.

diane b said...

Your comment arrived safe and sound although I'm a bit dumb in deciphering IIRC ?????

diane b said...

That must be a job to clean! Put something over the mirror like a plastic bag or box.

Snail said...

If I recall correctly, Diane. A very handy abbreviation for me, because there's no guarantee I will!

Elsie, they seem to be equal parts bluster and poo!

Denis, my feet are big, but they aren't that big! I'll try the shopping bag first, and move on to socks if that doesn't work.

Snail said...

Diane, we posted our comments almost simultaneously! Yes, it's very tedious. Sometimes I just ignore it --- there are worse cars in town! --- but it's a bit icky. Esp. for passengers.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

about your commenting...yeah, google is to blame i think. i rcvd an email saying u left a comment, but it wasn';t there! google decided it was spam. i didn't even know there was a 'spam comment' folder! i found LOTS of comments from other people too, in there...some a couple of years old!

anyway...i'm s l o w l y stepping back into blog-land. bare with me. or is it bear with me...well, i'm not sitting here naked, so guess it's bear with me...

maybe you can apply some kind of slippery stuff, so the little pooper can't get a steady footing on the car...or even so, the slick stuff may help the poops to slide right off! either way, it's a win win. haha

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