Monday, 23 September 2013

A note about spam

I switched off word verification a few days ago because those blurry words and fuzzy numbers are not always easy to read. This was potentially off-putting for readers who might want to contribute to the discussions but have difficulty making out those figures.

But then the spamming started in earnest.

I was happy to leave verification off because I thought that I was the only one who was going to see the spam. Blogger's filter catches a lot of it before it's published and I try to bin the rest as soon as I see it. What I didn't realise was that everyone who has subscribed to the comments also gets hit by the spam. I can't have that. That's just rude. So sorry to everyone who ended up with that rubbish in their inboxes. It's not fair that you get spammed as well.

I've now reinstated word verification. I hope that those of you who struggle with the images aren't put off commenting. My apologies to you, too.


Susannah Anderson said...

I didn't know that, about the spam being passed on. I recently took the verification off my blog, but now I'll put it back.

I don't mind the fuzzy text; I can always click for a substitute if I can't make it out. Or even for a spoken version, by clicking the speaker icon.

Snail said...

I was mortified when I found out, Susannah! How annoying.

Sometimes I end up in conversation with word verification --- a one-sided conversation, admittedly! --- when I'm convinced that I've got it right and the program's completely wrong. I haven't logged in to post this, so I've got the verification. Here goes!