Saturday, 14 September 2013

Jottings from the Tropics: 14 September 2013

Isn't that just typical? Look who turned up at the bird bath a few days after I needed a photo of a brown dusky honeyeater. [Ed:—Don't start that again.]

—  o O o —

A big thanks to the knot of cerebral neurons that came up with a pun that seemed hilarious in REM sleep, but now that the rest of my cerebral neurons are active is, in fact, completely nonsensical. (Not that it being completely nonsensical will stop me from using it in the future. We all know that.) It was about birds on the roof and the punchline was gutta-percha (gutter percher). That will only work if there's a gutta-percha tree in the garden, which there isn't, as you might have already guessed. But Atlas of Living Australia tells me that one species of gutta-percha (the Cairns pencil cedar, Palaquium galactoxylum) does occur in the area, so perhaps I could plant a specimen in an attempt to legitimise the pun. (From gutta-percha to gutter percher. Or vice versa. I dunno.) Thanks, creative section of the brain. My analytical section is going to go all Three Stooges on you if you do that again.

Well, folks, how's your weekend going?

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