Sunday, 22 September 2013

Jottings from the Tropics: 22 September 2013

The bush stone-curlews are taking advantage of my reluctance to disturb them and have surrounded the house. I have been corralled by curlews. Meanwhile, the as-yet-unnamed male brush turkey has decided to build his nest mound behind the car port. It would be a good spot for a massive pile of leaves and twigs...were it not the only access point for the big ride-on mower to deal with that part of the garden. Brush turkeys are not easily dissuaded, so this could go either way.

— o O o —

Hot weather means the bird baths are becoming increasingly popular.Silvereyes and buff-rumped thornbills often visit in noisy flocks, but are usually too active and skittish for photographs. I did catch this silvereye trying to get past a willie wagtail that had laid claim to both baths. (The silvereye had a quick dip later, while the wagtail was at the other bowl.)

I am spending far too much time trying to snap birds as they enter (or emerge from) the water. They almost never visit when the light is optimal and I am not prepared to sit and wait for them. Still, some of them are obliging, especially the white-browed scrub wrens (first two pics) and the Lewin's honeyeaters (last pic), which love to get right into the water. I recall an incident in the other house when I heard fluttering from the bathroom. Expecting to find a confused bird that had flown in through the window and couldn't escape, I was floored when I saw a Lewin's honeyeater taking a bath in the toilet bowl. They are practical birds, if not classy ones.

— o O o —

I discovered to my amusement, but mostly to my horror, that the resident green tree frogs like to sit on washing up sponges and scourers at night. They also knock things off shelves. It's like having a pair of clumsy cats around the place. At least they don't shed hair.


Denis Wilson said...

Love the photos of the birds bathing, Brownwen.
Can you get the Bush Stone Curlews?
Sometimes the "freeze".

Snail said...

I've got loads of pics of stone-curlews, but I'm only publishing them a few at a time, so people don't suffer curlew overkill! You know, I'd love to see _them_ at the bath.