Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jottings from the Tropics: 15 October 2013

We're definitely in the transition stage between the dry and wet seasons. The weather is unsettled, as are the newspapers. If I see one more story about the Bureau of Meteorology predicting that the average number of cyclones will form in the Coral Sea in the coming months, I will show everyone what a Very Destructive Storm looks like. Still, I'd better think about my cyclone supplies, which, you might remember from previous years, are mostly muesli bars and biscuits. Not chocolate biscuits, though, because they melt unless they're in the refrigerator. And if we're in a situation where I'm breaking out the cyclone supplies, that means the electricity is off and could be off for a long time. Mind you, I could always scoff the whole lot before the fridge gets warm...

— o O o —

I'm not the only one making preparations. The sarus cranes are stocking up for their summer sojourn in the Gulf of Carpentaria. I saw 100+ today in paddocks on the outskirts of Atherton. I didn't spot any plastic tote boxes marked 'food' so I think they are taking their supplies west as fat and full stomachs. If I buy my supplies too early, the same thing happens with me.

— o O o —

The willie wagtails continue to patrol the perimeter of their nesting site. They are less concerned about me than they are about the stone-curlews and the stone-curlews get off lightly compared to the kookaburras. The wagtails harass they kookas at every opportunity, including pulling at their tail feathers as they fly past. I hope those confrontations don't end badly.

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