Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Jottings from the Tropics: 29 October 2013

I don't get no respect from the wildlife.

Basil the brush turkey rakes large amounts of mulch from the big garden bed, shifting it halfway across the garden so there are drifts of leaves and twigs all over the lawn, and then loses interest. I ignore it for a couple of days to see whether he will resume his handiwork footwork. If there's no glimmer of interest, I dutifully rake it back into the garden bed. He is instantly energised and rakes it out again. He is a very contrary turkey.

— o O o —

The willie wagtails hatched two chicks, which have now both gone. Down the gullet of a snake, I suspect, because they looked too young to fly. The parents have abandoned the nest and the garden. I rather liked having them around, although they did make a fuss if the water level in the bird bath dropped too low.

— o O o —

For a couple of mornings I had been woken at an unreasonable hour by a white-browed scrubwren beating up its reflection in the passenger side wing mirror on my car. This is not the first occurrence of such behaviour. The bird's outraged chattering was accompanied by taps as it pecked at the glass. I was as concerned for the scrubwren's wellbeing as I was for my sleep, so I opened the window and said, 'stop it' (or words to that effect).

The bird flew away, but resumed its attack a short time later. So I repeated my demand.

And while I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping...but no vocalisation. The scrub-wren wasn't prepared to the let the intruder get away with its impudence, so continued its attack with silent fury. We appear to have settled on a compromise.

So maybe I do get some respect after all.


Denis Wilson said...

My Blue Wrens have learnt to fly up along my windows picking at their reflection. No calling, just gentle tapping noises.

NanaJude said...

And you have reminded me that at daughter's place in Adelaide Hills, a pardalote hitched a ride for about 50 metres, sitting on the exterior rear view mirror. I almost drove off the road!

Once I had parked and left, it got to work at the intruder in the mirror.