Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pigeon post

I have been stalking pigeons. Two species are around at the moment: emerald or green-winged doves (Chalcophaps indica) and bar-shouldered doves (Geopelia humeralis). Both species manage to be conspicuous and inconspicuous at the same time. They are also expert camera dodgers. The emerald doves remain elusive, rarely visiting the bird bath or toddling around in the sunlight, where I might be able to take an opportunistic shot. The bar-shouldered doves are not so reclusive. Still, when I finally managed to photograph them, it felt like a bit of a coo coup.

Although they take flight at the first hint of a long lens, bar-shouldered doves are completely unperturbed by bush stone-curlews. They will hog the best basking spots, leaving the larger birds to occupy the cheap seats. [Note to self: Make a bush stone-curlew costume to wear while photographing pigeons.] [Ed:— Don't.]


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