Monday, 11 November 2013


Well, I suspect I'll be moving on next year. Not sure where, because I haven't thought it through yet. I'd like to stay in the area, because...well...tree kangaroos!

Deciding where in the area is the difficult part. Second on the list of requirements (after tree kangaroos) is peace and quiet. Finding arboreal macropods is easy; finding another residential area without dirt bikes, quad bikes, power tools and over-powered sound systems is another matter altogether.

In the meantime, have some views of the moon. While I look for serenity, you can look at selenity.*

7 November 2013

9 November 2013


* See what I did there?**

** Sorry about that.


Denis Wilson said...

Goodness, you are always teaching me something.

Snail said...

I had no idea! I was just making a little pun around 'Selene', the Greek personification of the moon.

Gouldiae said...

You've both lost me!
Thought about a caravan Snail?

Rose ~ from Oz said...

A couple of months ago and fter much searching and searching, I did find the perfect place 'up there' and they took it off the market!!

Snail said...

I'm not really a caravan person, Gouldiae, although I know that the people who are find a lot of freedom in moving around.

Snail said...

Rose, ain't that always the way!!!

Snail said...

Gouldiae, I think you might have hit on part of the problem (now I think of it). I definitely need a road trip.