Friday, 3 January 2014

Pair o' Possums

It's hot. It's dry. And no matter how many times I refresh the Bureau of Meteorology Cairns weather radar page, there are still no rain-filled clouds in the immediate vicinity.

I'm amazed that the possums can sleep cwched together in the macadamia tree, but they do. They manage to keep going even when the Lewin's honeyeaters and the white-browed scrubwrens yell at them. They stir slightly when I take a photograph, but that's it.

At night, they're refreshed enough to run full pelt across the roof. It might be because the corrugated iron is hot on their feet, but I suspect it's sheer devilment. One possum galloping on a metal roof sounds like a horse. Two of them sounds like the Melbourne Cup.

This possum has two tails

This possum has no tail

Apologies for the graininess of the photos. I didn't want to use flash and it's quite dark under the canopy of the macadamia tree.


mick said...

Very cute photos but I wouldn't want them running over my roof! I remember that happening in a house where we lived many years ago! Scarey - when you weren't expecting it!

Snail said...

When they leap down from the tree, they make a heck of a thump. It always makes me jump!

Anonymous said...

Very dry here in California too. Possums yes, but no kangaroos in our trees. Thanks for all your photos and amusing comments. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Snail's writings have for years reminded me of Mayer Mercer's "What Do You Do with a Kangaroo?"

It was one of my favourite books for reading aloud to children in my class.

After one memorable discussion in which a child wondered aloud where the girl of the story lived, we changed the Opossum to a Possum to match the title's Kangaroo.

Later though, the discussion moved on to "It's either Australia, America _or she lives in a zoo_" and so after much discussion we chose to decide at each reading, where it was located and switched between Opossum and Possum.

That worked for a while, until another realised that there were other problematic animals.

Thereafter she lived at a zoo.

If I were still teaching, this blog would be a regular link in the parent newsletter for the sheer pleasure of sharing it.

Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

They look lovely :)

Our possums were given a copy of "Possum Magic" for Christmas - we shared it with them last night:

Snail said...

Happy New Year, Cynthia! N. American opossums are pretty cute. I've only seen them in zoos, but they're on my list of mammals to see.

Snail said...

I don't know that book, jj. It sounds like a very useful title for introducing young 'uns to biogeography! (And thank you very much for the vote of confidence! *beams*)

Snail said...

Oh, my goodness, Jeni! There's some real Possum Magic right there. She looks enthralled! :D

Anonymous said...

There's another lighter-weight possum book than Possum Magic, called "There's a Possum in the House!".
Huge potential, but I wouldn't use in in my classes because the mother of the story just screams or screeches her way through all the possum's adventures; quite the opposite of the resourceful girl in "What do you do with a Kangaroo?"