Friday, 2 January 2015

Jottings from the Tropics: 2 Jan 2015

First Dog on the Moon starts the year
Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm have returned.

*Waits for audience applause. Not a sausage*.

Not that I've actually been anywhere. But had I been somewhere, I would have been back. [Ed:–Tenses. How do they work?] [Me:–Yeah. Because grammar is the real problem with that sentence.]


Nothing much has been happening here. I am about to move into a new place, so am in that 'look at this mess how am I ever going to pack it all bugger it I'll just chuck it all out I don't care anymore I'll sleep in a swag and eat instant noodles just like a student not that I did that when I was a student but that's not the point' phase. I'm sure you're familiar with it.

And nothing much will be happening for the next five months. I'll be finishing projects and trying not to start new ones until the end of May. But June onwards is packed — packed, I tell you! — with Doing Stuff. Some of it is even Quite Interesting Stuff involving Scholarly Things! and Travel! More on that closer to the time.

I will try to post regularly. Because I won't be out and about with the camera until *, I'm afraid there'll be a dearth of photos. Sorry about that. But in *, Things will be Different **.

In other news, my resolution to avoid eating lots of old-fashioned chocolate fudge in 2015 is going well. Hope you're as successful with your resolutions.

* June!

**because there'll be Scholarly Things!***

***and Travel!


mick said...

Welcome back - at least we know you are still around and still have a sense of humor! I hope the new year is a good one for you!

Neil said...

Happy New Year glad to have you back

Snail said...

Happy new year, Mick! Happy new year, Neil!

Gouldiae said...

Hear, Hear Mick and Neil!

magda and crew in australia said...

Welcome back Snail, and a very wonderful 2015 may you have also.

Seems 2015 is pretty much mapped out with lots happening for you... may all go smoothly and be fun.

And congratulations on the limiting of the yummy tasty fudge so far... good luck with that for the remainder of the year.

Anonymous said...



Snail said...

Hello, Gouldiae! HNY to you. :)

Snail said...

Magda!!! Happy new year! I managed the fudge issue by eating it until I felt sick. I don't recommend that as a strategy, but it was effective. :)

Snail said...

jj! I'm hoping to catch up with you later this year. I probably should have broken that more gently!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Scholarly things are ok, travel's better but choc fudge is the best.
Happy New Year.

Snail said...

Happy new year, Rose! Don't tempt me with chocolate fudge talk! It was delicious, though, and the brush-turkeys looked on enviously as I took the last piece out of the box.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful :)

laura.forestdreams:) said...

happy new year!!
no resolutions here! anyway, i'd say welcome back...but i've probably been gone longer than you. so welcome back to us both! good luck with your move & the chocolate thing! see you around i hope! :)

Snail said...

Laura! You're back too!!

Now I've gotta make sure that I stay back.

Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

*Waits for audience applause. Not a sausage*.

Still cheering wildly!

Have a great year :)

Snail said...

You too, Jeni! Hope those possums are staying cool!