Saturday, 31 January 2015

Jottings from the Tropics: 31 January 2015

It's election day here in Queensland. Normally, I'd be following it all on the internet, but since I'm now stuck with what the telcos laughingly call mobile 'broadband', my download speed is measured in bytes per second. Occasionally the speed soars into kilobytes/sec and even approaches dial up rates, but that rarely lasts long. I'd like to mention all this on the feedback form that the telco keeps nudging me to complete. Unfortunately, I can't get access to it because of the dire download rates and the form's size. Still, I'm not sure that they really want the sort of feedback I'd provide. 'Renationalize Telstra now' is beyond the scope of the help desk. And to send that sans swears is beyond the scope of this author.

In non-telecommunications news, I have moved most (but not all) of my stuff from the other house. I am taking the day off and will get back into packing, shifting and cleaning tomorrow. That will end, as will this ridiculously hot weather. But at the moment, both seem as if they'll go on forever. 

I hope your day is better than mine!

...And as I try to send this, I find that my mobile broadband won't even connect. But Telstra has sent me with this handy little SMS. With no link. Not that it'd do much good, because no connection. But if I did have a connection, I wouldn't be able to find out how to track usage because no link.

The good-to-go blue light on the USB flickers on just long enough for me to switch to the connect screen, but turns ha-ha-sucker-this-is-Telstra red before I can click the button.

Right. Let's see if this works. 


Anonymous said...

That's the Telstra I know too.
our NATIONAL carrier, for sure.

Snail said...

My next move will depend on Optus coverage. :(

mick said...

Be careful - Optus may not be any better!

Snail said...

To be fair, that would just leave me in the same position. And they couldn't do any worse! ;)

Anonymous said...

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Queensland!!!!!

And Congratulations

sarala said...

Wow, that is bad. It is humbling to remember how far we have come with our connectivity. I now have trouble imagining life prior to e-mail and Google. How did we survive? I hope you find a solution to your internet woes.

Gouldiae said...

G’day Bronwen,
I hope by now you have sufficient connectivity to discover the stunning results of your election? And, has that made you feel any better? Perhaps this will – we have had rather a cool start to summer in your old stamping ground down south.

Snail said...

Sarala, I can't remember that far back!

jj, Gouldiae, we're still waiting on the final result, but I have my fingers crossed. That was quite an election!