Sunday, 21 May 2017

Jottings from the Tropics: 21 May 2017

You might remember that I found an owl feather in the car and concluded, not unreasonably, that the boobooks had been taking the vehicle for joyrides. Today I found a white-headed pigeon feather in the tumble dryer. This time the birds have gone too far. It has been sunny for days now, so there is no need to use the dryer. But I suppose this is why the pigeons always look so bright and clean.

— o O o —

Also taking liberties is this Stony Creek frog. For several days in a row it has decided that my car cover is also an excellent frog cover and I have to relocate it (the frog) when I need to go out.We both have the same expression when this happens.

 — o O o —

Although I park in a really quite palatial carport, I need the car cover to stop a very excitable male golden whistler attacking his reflection. If I forget to replace it, within a short time every window and external mirror is decorated with bird poo. Quite a lot of poo, considering a golden whistler is a small bird. He has scratched the headlights and left marks on the strips of chrome around the radiator grille. Sometimes, he brings his mate to watch him. I think she is about as impressed with his behaviour as I am. (See frog photo above for general idea.)

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