Saturday, 2 June 2018

Forest kingfishers

(I aten't dead.)

Forest kingfishers (Todiramphus macleayi) are the most frequently encountered kingfisher species in my part of the world. I see them more often that I see kookaburras. There's usually a pair perching on the power lines in the morning. They're often the only spots of colour on overcast days.

Like many other Australian kingfishers, they nest in arboreal termite mounds. But given the rate of tree clearing around here, they might not have many places left to breed.

 I photographed these birds at Tinaroo Dam,


mick said...

Very nice to hear from you again. I also saw a forest kingfisher a week or so ago down at Lake MacDonald bit did not manage nice close photos like yours.

Snail said...

Hi Mick!

They're such lovely little birds. The ones at home fly away at the slightest excuse, but the ones at Tinaroo were too busy keeping an eye on each other and then on a black kite that was circling overhead. That made it a bit easier to take photos of them!

nut said...