Monday 20 February 2012

Jottings from the Tropics: 20 February 2012

A couple of young brush turkeys, which look exactly like miniature versions of the adults, ambled through the garden this morning. Well, they started off ambling, but they made the mistake of crossing Harry's path, so they ended up running frantically into the scrub. They must be slow learners because they did the same thing yesterday. I'll see what happens tomorrow.

- o O o -

I haven't seen many snakes so far this year. Most of my sightings have been of carpet pythons squashed on the road and I'm certain many of those weren't killed accidentally. I'm not sure whether the low number of observations is due to a lack of snakes or a lack of attention. I am not the most sharp-eyed person when it comes to macrofauna, although I am quite good at spotting snails. Now there's a talent I bet you all wish you had.

My life list of snakes is depressingly meagre. I have seen grass snakes and adders in Britain, a paradise tree snake in Indonesia and only thirteen species in Australia. (The paradise tree snake landed on my head, to the surprise of both parties, so that might give me extra points.) My best sighting was of a bockadam in a mangrove swamp in Singapore. I had wanted to add a king cobra to the list, but no one else was keen to go looking. I can't think why. I had compression bandages.

- o O o -

The red-browed finches are still collecting grass stems. I managed to get some fuzzy photos, which I'll post on Wednesday. (Tuesday is my day off.)

- o O o -

I haven't checked whether the bridge is open, but as I have to go into town tomorrow, I will find out soon enough. If it is not open, I will inquire at the Council offices. I might do that from the doorway in case the folk on the front desk are sick of fielding questions about it.