Saturday, 5 August 2006

An absolutely stunning day in Melbourne. I achieved next to nothing. (Although I did do some weeding. Curse photosynthesis! The wrong plants grow like crazy on my meagre patch of land.)

I was planning to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens at Cranbourne tomorrow but I'll probably stay at home and do all the things that I should have done today. Write the rest of Monday's lecture, for instance. Or sort out some of the paperwork for the international postgraduate students. If I get up early enough, I'll nip down to the local nursery to pick up some more large pots and potting mix, so I can plant up the native conifers, which are outgrowing their containers. I'm running out of space. The casuarinas and conifers are taking over the garden. (Better than weeds, but.)

Monday promises to be interesting. After the lecture, I'll be heading off to another campus to pick up some spores of the Ileodictyon mentioned below. I'll see if I can innoculate some mulch and get my own fungus growing.

And who said I need to get a life?

Oh, wait. That was me.

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