Saturday, 5 August 2006

More blogs

The blogging world is wide and weird. Avoid the morass of family pictures, religious proselytising and teenage angst and head for the intellectual high ground. Here is a small selection of the biology blogs I've been reading lately.

The Lancelet is written by Martin Brazeau, a Canadian palaeontologist who is in Sweden studying the evolution of lobe-finned fishes. He blogs on evolution, fossils and his fieldwork back in Canada.

Palaeoblog by Michael Ryan also looks at vertebrate palaeontology, but from the perspective of a dinosaur expert. Plenty of good stuff to read here too.

Another must-read is Paul Myers' Pharyngula. Myers is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Minnesota. He has a damned fine brain and a writing style to match.

Darn it! Just go to Science Blogs and lose yourself for an hour or two. You know it makes sense.

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