Saturday, 30 September 2006

Big trees

Reuters reports:

A redwood tree discovered in a remote California forest has turned out to be the world's tallest tree, edging out one nearby that had been the previous titleholder, a botanist said on Friday.

Humboldt State University Professor Steve Sillett told Reuters the record-setting tree, named Hyperion, is 379.1 feet (115.5 metres) tall, besting the previous record holder, the 370.5-foot(112.9 metre)-tall Stratosphere Giant.

Researchers exploring remote and rugged terrain this summer in the Redwood National and State Parks along California's northernmost coast also discovered two other redwoods taller than the Stratosphere Giant, suggesting there had been many more massive ancient redwoods in the area, Sillett said.

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M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

Came across this post tonight - who knows, maybe againg - in my search for redwood related stuff.

It must take keen observation to find these tallest trees, because they blend into the forest much more than the largest ones. The largest redwoods have trunks that are almost 3 times larger - see this example:

Giant Redwood Tree Titans

Consider how much harder it would be to find trunks much smaller than the Titan trunks. I found out that even the titans are not easy to detect from several hundred feet away.