Saturday, 30 September 2006

Right. The gate man has left for the day (he'll be back tomorrow), I have switched off the radio, brewed the coffee and am about to unplug the spawn-of-the-devil internet cable. Nothing is going to stop me from knocking off another 500+ words on draft number wotsit. Three? Four? Whatever.

I'll be back next month. (Which, incidentally, is when the NaNoWriMo folks start registration for National Novel Writing Month. Sort of. They say around October 1.)


Sherryl said...

Yes, but are you going to "enrol" for Nanowrimo? If you have a novel draft you want to finish and need a good kick up the whatsit (or some nice encouragement), I can recommend Nano. It got my 7th draft of my pirate novel done, even though strictly you're supposed to do new work. But no one was checking up on me ... and 40,000 words later, I was done.

Snail said...

You betcha! I've already signed up as Snail.

Are you giving it another go?