Thursday, 26 October 2006

Just got in from work. No, really.

A much better day than yesterday. I caught up with friends for lunch. We talked about environmental policy and reminisced about the old days. That's what happens beyond a certain age. In the same way that every CD left in the car becomes the Best of Queen*, so every conversation steers towards How Things Used To Be.

Luckily, our nostalgia covered subjects such as the day someone left a gold nugget in the ladies loo at ... um ... an unnamed major museum. She was taking it to the safe but detoured on the way. After putting it down on the cistern, she then forgot about the nugget and went home. The next person to pop into the loo got a great surprise.

And on the subject of gold nuggets, we recalled the time when we arrived at work at the same unnamed major museum to find the geology department full of police. Some nincompoop had noticed the very large nugget on display in the window and decided to make off with it. He smashed the window, grabbed the booty (which was the best part of a foot long) and headed up the street. It wasn't until it slipped out of his grasp and shattered on the pavement that he realised his treasure was a plaster model coated in gold paint. To make matters worse for him, he'd put his hand flat against the upper window pane to smash the lower one, leaving a crystal clear print.

There were more stories, including several about the remains of a famous racehorse. But I can't tell you those. That would be giving away too much. They were good though. Take my word for it.


*According to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's book Good Omens.

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