Wednesday, 25 October 2006

What they tortoise

This long-necked tortoise looks rather less dubious from the front than it does from the side. This model shares a cubicle at Serendip Sanctuary with a white-faced heron and a frog. See, I'm not making it up.

Apart from bird-watching from the wetland hides, which doesn't necessarily enthrall children, the sanctuary offers a pond area where they can dip nets into the water and examine the catch with dissecting microscopes and Holmesian magnifying glasses.

Luckily, I didn't have a net or I would have dragged it through the pond. With a small ibis rookery nearby, the water was bound to be seething with all sorts of greeblies. (Yes, it is a technical term.)


Duncan said...

Here's a good old word from my vocabulary to describe the look on the tortoise's face, lugubrious. Don't fancy your job marking those essays!

Snail said...

Lugubrious. That's exactly it!