Monday, 9 October 2006

Who was that masked blogger?

Just hurtling through this evening. I've had a terribly unproductive day. Now I've got to fix that problem.

The bad news is the essays are still waiting for me. For some reason, the marking fairy didn't pop in over the weekend. I'm beginning to think there's no such thing ...

But the good news is we found a white-tailed spider at work today. Now, I know that's not the usual reaction to these spiders but I've been looking for one to photograph. Not that they are rare. They just seem to be a bit furtive at the moment. This is a big 'un too. I'm letting it settle into its temporary accommodation before I shove the camera in its face and make it wish it never got lumbered with that dreadful reputation.

Veering off on a completely different path ... Have you caught up with Writely yet? It's an on-line word processor that enables you to work on a file from any computer with internet access. More usefully, you can allow selected people to view and/or edit those files. Very handy if you're collaborating on a work.

What else? I'm on a mission to photograph the bastard whose dog keeps shitting on the pavement outside my house. I know which dog it is, I just want to get photographic evidence so I can send it to the Council. Lucky for all concerned it's some little furball and not a Rottweiler producing yam-sized turds.

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tapperboy said...

Don't you just love digital cameras. I had a neighbour walking her dog to our garden and letting it leave it's messages behind. I spoke to other neighbours who knew her and suggested to them I might grab a quick image onetime with the digital, just for the fun if it.
I'll be darned, she hasn't walked that dog to this part of the world since? Looks like I'll be waiting a long time to get my photo :(